Silky Touchs phalenet

Phaleneiden kasvatusta tutkituista terveistä vanhemmista vuodesta -97.




29.10.17 Int Seinäjoki judge Roberto Schill Roman

Bos Bos vet Silky Touchs White Sapphire

VG Silky Touchs Daystar



14.10.17 Int Jyväskylä judge Maria Luise Marchese Italia.

Bob and Bob vet ST White Sapphire

Exel S T Daystar



26.8.17 Group Pyhäjoki judge Juha Putkonen

BOS BOBvet. Silky Touchs White Sapphire

VG Silky Touchs Daystar

5.8.17 INT Kuopio judge Juha Putkonen

BOB BOBvet Silky Touchs White Sapphire

Bb4 cc junior Rop Silky Touchs Daystar

Kiitos Kaisa Kangas Leena Kangas kuvasta.

30.7.17 2 day IDS Rotterdam Benelux winner 2017 Judge :Colm Beattie (Ire)

Ch Silky Touchs Touch of Love 1EXE CAC-CACIB BOS Benelux Winner 2017

9.7.17 1day IDS Rotterdam Judge Michael Clancy (Ier)

Ch Silky Touchs Touch of Love 1EXE CAC-CACIB BOS

Liege 2017 Golden Tropy Judge Inga Siil (EST)

Silky Touchs Touch of Love Championclass 1EXE CAC-CACIB. BOB Cruffts Qual. 2018

23.7.17 Kemi Int. Judge Anna Lena Angeria, Sweden

BB2 vet2 Silky Touchs White Sapphire

Vg Silky Touchs Daystar.

int Oulu 15.7.17 Judge Kornelija Butrimova

Silky Touchs White Sapphire BB1 BOS BOBvet

Silky Touchs Daystar ex cq CC BB3

BOB puppy Silky Touchs Follow Your Dreams ow. Sonja Jaara



17.6.17 Group Show Oulu Judge Tuula Savolainen

S T White Sapphire BB1 Bos Bob vet And Bis 1 Vet

8.7.17 Int Ylivieska judge Sara Nordin Sweden Thank you very much for the judge BIS ring Leenen Theo, Belgium!!

BBI BOS BOB vet BIS 1 VET S T White Sapphire

S T Daystar EX

Romance Vive Vanette vg


10.6.17 Tuuri kr judge Anna Liisa Heikkinen

Silky Touchs Daystar Bob puppy

Silky Touchs White Sapphire BOS and vetBob


What a day not What we expected but still happy with the results Europasieger dogshow Dortmund Judge Manja Brusse (D) Silky Touchs Touch of Love Championclass 1Exe CAC-VDH-CACIB BOS Europasiegerin 2017 Qualify Crufts 2018


Wat a day at Dortmund 19-52017 Judge Colette Muldoon Ireland Silky Touchs Touch of Love CAC-VDH-CACIB BOB With this result our little Girl is German and VDH Champion. I am so happy Foto's Will follow i hope you can see livestream at Toos Schouten there is the whole judging on Thanks Arja and Toos. Well done Suri!!!

13.5.17 Group show Lestijärvi

judge Marja Kosonen

Bob puppy Silky Touchs Daystar

ex Romance Vive Vanette

Bos BOB vet Silky Touchs White Sapphire


13.5.17 Varkaus National Dog Show judge CONSTANTINOS ANDREOU

 6.5.17 Mikkeli Group Show judge: Tuula Plathan

Silky Touchs Desiree "Pilvi" BOB puppy

Thank you very much for Marja and Pilvi !!


30.4.17 showust back from IDS Brabo Antwerpen We had a judge change and got for both breeds mevr R. Reyniers (bel) Our little Princesse Ch. Silky Thouchs Touch of Love Champion Class 1Exe CAC-CACIB BOS Brabo winner 2017 And with this result she is know International Champion ( waiting conformation FCI) Great thanks ARJA !!




23.4.17 Pello Puppyshow judge Leni

Finne Silky Touchs Daystar hp BOB puppy

8.4.17 Int Vaasa judge Tapio Eerola

BOB vet Silky Touchs White Sapphire Bos vet Sweet Angel Dreams Balou

photo: Leena Kangas, thank you very much for the help!


Silky Touchs Winds of Change

Top 2 phalene veteran in Finland

Top 5 phalene female in Finland

FICH W-10 Silky Touchs Sapphire